What is the formatting criteria for submitting my story to Inkitt?

Please remove all text before the story begins. Tables of Contents, author forwards, etc. are really great in certain formats, but on Inkitt we like for the story to speak for itself :)

When formatting, please make sure that all of your paragraphs are properly aligned. This means no spacing or indents at the start of paragraphs and a maximum of one space between paragraphs.

We also ask you to use our in-editor tool, "insert horizontal rule," to replace your page breaks. This tool is not only easy on the eyes, but it scales better between our site and the app!

We would also ask that our authors follow the rules of proper English grammar. While we fully endorse originality, creative spelling and punctuation can distract your readers and prevent them from falling in love with your work. That's why we encourage you to stick with either American or British spelling, to make sure that your dialogue is formatted properly, and to have someone check over your work for typos. 

Is your cover photo the right size? We ask that is be at least 1280x450. If it's blurry or pixelated we may have to ask you to change it which would keep it from being published. We also ask that their is no text on the image. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

How about your title? Did you remember to name your masterpiece? Please don't add any extra information. The genre of your piece and your name don't belong in the title bar, they have their own home. 

Last but not least is rating. Please be sure to properly rate your story for its target age group based on Inkitt's rating system. We try our best to make sure that every story is properly rated so that it can be enjoyed by the appropriate readership. 

We thank you for following these guidelines, authors! With your help we can make the approval process on Inkitt quick and efficient.


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