How does Inkitt make their publishing decisions?

At Inkitt we have one supreme principle: Your book is good when your readers love it!

We want to make the most objective decision possible. The entire publishing industry has always relied upon the subjective and emotional opinions of their decision makers. This is why Harry Potter was rejected by 13 publishers, Twilight by 14 and Carrie by Stephen King was refused by 30 publishers.

We created Inkitt with the mission to change this - to ensure fair publishing and objectivity for authors. Who are we or any editor in the world to judge whether your book is worth publishing? We don’t think that we or any so-called “expert” is in a position to judge your work. You write your book for your readers, and the most important factor is whether your readers like it or not. That is what we measure at Inkitt.

This is why we built artificially intelligent algorithms that have the ability to analyze reading pattern data and engagement levels, which allows us to make objective and data-driven decisions regarding a story’s potential to become a bestseller.

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