Can people copy my text and steal it from me?

We understand that putting the results of all your hard work up on the internet can be intimidating! This is why we've put some safeguards in place to protect your work as much as possible. When you submit your work to our contest, you are automatically given 100 free copies to distribute to the Inkitt community. Once those 100 copies are reserved, readers will not be able to access your work (unless you decide to add more copies). We also have a record of the time your work was submitted. In the event that your work does appear somewhere else on the internet, we can show that yours was up first! Last, but certainly not least, we've disabled copy & paste on our platform in order to discourage plagiarism right from the beginning.

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    This is my biggest fear. My one huge drawback from writing here or even NaNoWriMo.

    It's too easy for people to steal your hard work.

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